For this years Halloween (2012), me and Zipfinator teamed up to create a Halloween themed payload map for Valve’s TF2. I am responsible for the layout and custom particle creation, while zip created additional models such as fencing, spooky trees, and a brand new payload model: a cauldron. pl_precipice sees blue team pushing a cauldron along ever shrinking combat space. The map pits Red and blue in an open space, where height variation and small shacks provide cover and flanking opportunities. Later, the combat area becomes smaller as the open space converges onto the edge of a precipice, where height variation is much more dominant, and cave systems provide access to the lower cliff edges. We plan to release pl_precipice this Summer.

cp_factory is a super old and unfinished Tf2 map, mainly because it was my first ever attempt at TF2 mapping, and initially the layout was quite flawed. Factory has been heavily reworked lately, and hopefully will see a release before the Summer. Factory is a control point mode based map, where blue team can capture either A or B first, then progress to the opposite. Ideally it’s similar to gravel-pit, though without Capture point C. Because of this, Factory has a high strategy involved with how red defends their final control point.

Each control point sit in their respective areas, connected by a single hallway allowing quick access to both areas for Red. If blue manages to capture either A or B, the hallway becomes a one way lane for blue team to push against the remaining control point. Since blue can capture whichever point first, red will end up defending the last remaining, resulting in player fights within A: an open space with small height variation, or B, a narrow space with large Height variation.


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