Portal 2

In the Summer of 2011, Valve held a competition to create either a single player or coop Portal 2 puzzle, though allowed contestants to create both of they wished. The contest limitations were to create a entry that adhered to the art themes of the game, whether the chambers took pace in Wheatley labs, Old aperture, or Destroyed Aperture.

For this contest I created a single player and coop puzzle that used the Wheatley Labs theme. The single player took 2nd prize for the sp bracket among 100+ entries, whereas the coop took 1st place in the coop bracket. The overall placing as a combine bracket ordered list were 2nd and 6th respectively.


[Portal 2] Infinifling

[Portal 2] Redirecting Redirection

In 2008 I created a Portal 1 map-pack, that spanned three maps with an average of 4-5 puzzles each. This map pack spawned a gravity based gameplay mechanic element I tested out that (at the time) became the highest downloaded map. The mechanic proof of concept map garnered over 3000+ downloads.


[Portal 1] Gear Map Pack


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