Introducing pl_precipice, a new TF2 map!

Our Halloween map has finally gotten a name, and with that we’ve finally found the time to get some real compile versions of the map ready for screenshots and the like. Previously the ideas was to have this map ready by Halloween, but we stated a few reasons why that wouldn’t of worked out for us so much. The short anwser to those who missed it last time was: “cp_manor madness”. Poor 3dnj’s artpass map hardly got any playtime over the week as well! I myself have played so much cp_manor that when I play lab, the other artpass map, I completely forget that it’s the exact same map. It should be the other way around for me.



Whoa, check out that update

We didn’t get a chance to update as planned, the Halloween update got in the way (TF2). And we don’t mean we got busy playing either! Our planned Halloween map, and it’s progress will go live after the 9th of November. We’re just waiting for the whole “I WANT DEM PRESENTS AND MASKS AND ONLY PLAY CP_MANOR URHRURHRU” thing to blow over. Till then!

Reaching the Bend

We’ve arrived to day 8 of our progress. From here on out we’re going to update the blog with as much information as possible. Day 7 is going to go live pretty soon, and we’ll discuss why we’re a day ahead of the updates.

A Halloween map, for your spooky needs!

Seeing as we hardly ever get anything done (on time) we’ve challenged ourselves top create a single map, in only 12 days. Thats right, 12 days.

Amazingly cool, and doesn’t afraid of anything MrTwoVideoCards is heading up this project, with F7lans participating in the overall needs of playtesting, and motivation, for said MrTwoVideoCards! This is a huge f7project, and hopefully, will be able to hit the servers before Halloween happens. At this schedule, we’ll likely release the map 5 days before halloween, because we are just that frikken cool.


You can check out all the awesome progress over at You can really, really check out the main thread for progress here!

Portal Map Pack Rerelease

We’ve recently re-added our Portal map pack to, with it’s now restored Download Database. Anyone interested in playing it can pick it up visiting this link.

The uploaded map pack has a few fixes that have been in the making for a long time.

Brief Update

We’ve still been working on city17 steadily, I guess if you can calla  snails pace steadily.

We originally planned to speed through crazy amounts of work this Summer, but we never accounted for the fact that valve would do something so rare, so unbelievably shocking: Update the SDK

Personally I had been trying to find ways (or rather motivation) to sum up our current slew of problems with the recent batches of SDK updates.  However up until today I ran into a small article that nicely sums up the entirety of whats been happening to us.

Half of another reason work has gone horribly slow for us was due to a SDK update somewhere in all that mess of updates. For reasons we can’t understand, a few important DLL’s went up and missing, DLL’s we completely needed to compile shaders. We had been waiting for a promised 2009 SDK update, that would fix mod support on that version of the SDK, and moreso allow us to continue working.

To correct a few issues though, the SDK isn’t entirely broken, though city17 is in a very rare of state of which it borrows content from HL2, EP1, and EP2 (though we’re cutting dependency on EP2 content). For us it’s either missing episodic content, or crazy Hammer bugs and issues that arise.

Regardless of all the issues listed here, work has still continued at an extremely slow pace. We’ve been working on city17 with only base Half Life 2 content. This has limited the amount of work we can actually perform on a map. While however maps still compile entirely fine, this missing content does not.

Maps then inherit entirely bright solids, models without lighting, improper gameplay I/O for NPCs like zombine (which we have a lot of). All of which has stopped us from performing any media updates.

This all leads me to (not making any promises here) but, City17 may or may not be moving to the newly released Alien Swarm Engine. Either way we’re sitting ducks right. It’s either we wait for the 2009 mod support update, which has taken 4 months already. That, or we transition, and entirely gain some of the features and improvements that AS has introduced to Source.

However this still doesn’t counter the fact that Source is plain annoying to work with at it’s current state, and we don’t even feel Portal 2 is going to even do much to change any of that. (Though we’ve been surprised before!).

Today I would like to announce on behalf of our development progress, that City17 is in a state of Limbo. It will likely stay this way until Either the 2009 SDK gains mod support, (which we will then support Mac!) or the transition to the Alien Swarm Engine is complete. Currently we’re leaning on the new Engine transition, and progress with it has been going pretty smoothly.

Until then, moddb is going to be pretty dry with updates, and altogether there won’t be much news on city17 at all; work will continue however.


So we said we’d update the site again some months ago. About 3 I believe.

Things got pretty crazy after that. In short: We aren’t going to make our release date.

Details will be posted on moddb at a later time. Overall our work slowed down to a grind in the past 2 months, with me personally dealing with more real life issues than I wanted, and th rest of the other members having some of the same. Either way we’re back now! Recently Valve released an update to the SDK breaking hammer. To note, we aren’t one of those mod teams that blame Valve for our delays. (Although I can’t say some updates give us headaches) We recgonize that the majority of the tools we use are freely provided by Valve, and we still would like to thank them for that time and time again. We’ll be patiently waiting until hammer gets fixed. It’s quite nice though that Hammer is broken. It gives us time to work on other parts of the mod. Story, scripting, animating, etc..

City17 isn’t broken, so progress resumes on whatever we don’t need Hammer for. We have a update in the pipeline as of this writing, but it won’t be out anytime soon. We’ve been gathering a large amount of crazy new things we’ve been working on so we can do another massive update. We’ll also be continuing our development posts on the history of C17ep1. Until then just hang on tight. Like a stalagmite.

Part 2 update

I haven’t gotten around to posting anything new on the continuance of our dev story. Been a little more busy with other things including c17 itself lately. We’ll be posting some of that later this week, and hey, maybe even a real news update in a month or so.

Bringing City17 into Realization | Part 1

The hardest thing about creating a city isn’t within its overall design, but instead the constrictions we’ve had getting it right, and getting it consistent. Following in suit of Valve’s design has been hard, and sometimes straight frustrating.

City17 meet a huge goal after its initial redesign. “Can this be city17? Can all this really make sense here? Does all of this work if it’s a completely different side of the City?” Those questions took some time to answer, and now we find ourselves doing just that. Redesigning bits and pieces of what just didn’t fit the puzzle.

City17 also meet an even larger goal: “How can this be the greatest City17 mod out there, (there are hundreds at the time of writing this!) And why should players want to play this one out of all of the others? What makes us different?” Answering that was even tougher.

With this post, we wanted to give you the fans an insight into how ‘City17: Episode 1’ has come to be, and its history of development. Don’t worry; this isn’t a post-mortem! It’s our journey from a lonely developer, to a 20-man team. (more…)

New City17 Styled Page!

With all of our crazy updating we’ve hardly found time to do anything else but work on City17. That, and finishing a new moddb theme up! We’ll be rolling more updates soon for MOTY, so check back frequently!

Check out the whole new page!