We don’t actually pay any money, sorry

We are currently hiring within these following areas

  • Voice Actors
  1. Has had previous experience on other mod projects, and can show.
  2. Can give characters great depth, and realism. You could also feel free to “wing it”
  3. Can possibly do many other voices, that would be a plus. Such as an older voice, or a younger voice.
  4. Can try multiple lines with different inflections if needed.

Contact us at


22 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. Heya,

    I’m up for helping out. I can do a variety of voices, boils down to what you’re looking for and what feel you want. But I can manage high-deep pitches, different accents etc. In terms of previous experience, I’m part of the VS Team for the Vampire Slayer 2.0 mod for Max Payne 2. I’m an artist, but do a myriad of different things. So let me know how I can help and I’d be happy to, purely for the sake of contributing to something creative :).



  2. I’ll be able to handle quite a few voices. I’m not experienced but I am quite good in impressions: various teachers of mine, Rorsach, the Joker, you name it.
    I can do different accents, probably, but I’m not entirely sure how convincing that will be since my primary language isn’t English. I speak quite accent-less English by default, though.

    As for depth and realism; depth is up to the writers obviously, realism I can deliver. Different inflections; obviously.

  3. Hello There!

    I’m kind of a newbie but I’d like to give it a shot because I’ve been following your mod and it looks to be of superb quality.

    I’m only 17, but I don’t have a cracking “teenager voice” and can (and have) made myself sound older.

    I haven’t worked on any mods before but I have acted in a few short films that can be found on YouTube if you’d like a link or something, although those hardly worked my voice specifically, and the more high-quality pictures I’ve been in aren’t up due to copyright reasons with music dispensor channels.

    If you want to take a risk with me just send me an e-mail with some of the characters you have in mind and some lines you’d like me to read. I have access to movie-quality microphone and audio software.

    If you need a portfolio I can slap one together, just let me know. I’ll also send an e-mail to the address you mentioned.

    I’m very interested to see where this mod goes whether I get the part or not, but it definitely would be a good career step and would surely be good for my college portfolio.

    -C. Russo

  4. hey,

    i’m Josh, i’m a new to this but i would really like to help work on your mod, it looks really good and i’d like to be a part of it. i can do a variety of pitches, and a very limited amount of accents, but I (apparently) have quite a plain, changeble voice for use in most situations, and can make a few odd noises that may come in handy for one reason or another

  5. I’m afraid I can’t offer any experience to you, but I’ve always wanted to have a go at voice work, and it would be amusing to hear my voice on someone else’s face. I like to think I would be able to do the wide range of lines that you would require for the game, but in the end it boils down to what you, the creators, think of my supposed skills. At the moment my mic isn’t very good, but I’m in the process of rectifying said situation. Whether or not you take the time to give me a shot, at least I’ve posted my interest. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, no?

  6. I do not have much experience to offer or particularly good recording equipment, but I’ve always wanted to take a crack at this sort of thing.

  7. HEY! I would love to voice act for you! im a man. I have a voice and am willing to lend you set voice for any purpose you may need to use it for! I once did a mod with a couple of people and did sounds for that! It was a pretty sweet mod!

  8. Heck sure, ill try!!! you already have me as a friend in steam (Murdoch) and i would love to help. I have FL studio and that might help, heck, what are friends for!!!

  9. Got somewhere a speech pack for Getright, no work on mods that made it to release, just fun stuff.
    If you have use for a grumpy old guy with german accent, drop me a line.

  10. Hey, This is Red Rooster. I’d love to try out some voice acting, and if you could send me a little script I could send over some samples. I can do multiple voices and inflections if needed, and am a decent voiceactor.
    I have pretty high standards for myself as well, so if I dont think what I do is good enough for your mod, I will withhold it. I dont want to be responsible for shabby work, now do I? As far as recording equipment, I dont know if what I have will be up to par, but I will try my best to edit any backround noise or fuzz that may come from my mike.
    Oh, if the information is necessary, I am From the United States, therefore, I have an American accent. I can imitate with reasonable believeability a number of different accents, too.
    Hope to hear from you guys.

  11. Hey.
    I can do some decent voices, and always wanted to give it a crack with a mod. I can give examples, or you can just send me the lines and I’ll send you back a few dozen takes of each. I can learn how to edit audio and fix them up, if need be. I also have access to a great voice effects program, so I can synth young, old, female, demonic, radio, etc, but I may prefer to do them naturally.

    And as a bonus, I’m a professional in the industry already 😛

  12. Kyle knows what I sound like through voice chat. It all depends on what you guys would need. Kinda late but o well next time.

  13. I can do many voices in particular.I am mainly good with Black man voices,deep or high pitch,as long as its black,I can totally do it.This also includes Black females.Fruit salads are awesome.

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