City17: Episode One

City 17: Episode one is a mod project that extends the HL2 universe by delving into the backstory of the Resistance, a coalition of downtrodden Humans fighting to regain Earth from an alien race known as the Combine. C17 tells the story of key members of the resistance, and their effect on the set of events that take place in Valve’s Half Life 2: Episode one & Two timeline.

C17 features a 5 hour single player adventure through the remnants of a war-torn City17, that aims to create a high quality gameplay experience via both heavily improved visuals and cinematics. For this project we’ve created a slew of various stuff such as: new shaders like ssao, sunrays, and Sub Surface Scattering. New gameplay enemies such as the Rebel Zombie. C17 also serves to be a “general improvement of the Source Engine (branch 2007)”. Because of this all of the mod’s content (Shaders, new programming systems, extended tools, etc) will be released for the community to do whatever they please with, and use it in their own Source based projects any way they see fit. Original source files of content will also be provided on release.


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