Becoming an Indie

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written anything down on this blog. I’ve really got to stop doing that, but hopefully with the changes in my work and life that will probably change. Things have been pretty hectic this year: Forming a game design company, making an indie game, getting busy with other licensed games to work on. It’s mostly why c17:ep1 hasn’t seen release yet.

That’s the bad news: City17: Episode One probably won’t be coming out for a long time, and when I say long I mean like REALLY long. Probably more than a year. There are just way too many things that have taken over my time like not going broke. C17 however shall not fade away into the shadows in vain! We do plan to release it eventually but that’s going to be up in the air. We always intended on releasing c17 and it’s content to the public for use, this included shaders, particles, materials, models, etc. I am happy to report that is still going to happen, and sooner before the release of c17. So soon we’re talking next month December soon.

In other news we’ve just released Black Snow which you can grab here (I’ll be adding an official section in the tabs at the top of the page in RELEASES). It’s a base of sort for our upcoming indie project which at this point I can only confirm that it’s on Source and it will also most likely feature some open source stuff once it releases. Black snow was a small personal project of ours, mostly headed up by Kremator our lead designer. It’s a horror adventure games that focuses on narrative through the exploring and deep atmosphere. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Next to that you’ll find all of our open source stuff on this site in the coming month. We’ll keep you guys posted and we’ll also be making the relevant posts onto moddb and interlopers and I guess everyone else we can fit it onto. There are some other developments but I’ll most likely post about those later in December along with the c17 content release. I should not that this content does not include any c17 specific content such as maps or vmf’s. Unfortunately it also does not include any c17 gameplay elements or specific programming systems. We’ve spent a great deal of time working with source 2007 only for it to end up sucking the big dick (it’s a terrible engine to work with) We’ve officially moved onto Alien Swarm and specifically deferred rendering which we’ll be making huge adjustments to within the coming few months that will be released officially on the Deferred Swarm SVN.

See you guys in December!


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