Big Change of Plans

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this site, or our moddb about City17. There’s been a ton of stuff happening lately that we’d like to talk about, but we’ll consolidate it for now. For news on c17, visit the moddb site. For everything else read on beyond the jump.

Finishing a lot of my personal stuff

I’ve recently been converting this site to my own personal blog, mainly because while c17 is a team effort, I am the only one who actually uses this site and aside the fact moddb is good enough for any news regarding c17 and the team anyways. However I’ll still be updating this site about news regarding Gear. I’ve been wanting to specifically focus on finishing a lot of content that’s been sitting in the pipe. For instance pl_precipice, cp_factory, and some Portal 2 content that went dormant around last years contest.

As you can see I’ve heavily updated a lot of our pages, along with an entirely new blog theme. All of the latest downloads for my recent work should work, let me know if there’s any issues, or old versions if you find any.

C17 at GDC

The team had a chance to visit GDC this past march (I know super late news), and present C17 to valve. Outside the fact we were trembling in our jimmies with fear, we had a great opportunity to get a ton of feedback. Gautam Babbar sat down with us and played the mod and loved it. And we’re not saying that to make ourselves look awesome, he really had zero negative issues with c17. During playtesting the only concern that was brought up was mostly in the area of consolidation which is an issue we had been looking at recently. Specifically in order to ship c17 we considered cutting content or simply streamlining a few areas here and there. The scale of c17 has mostly far exceeded what we originally intended, enough to the point we’d need to spend another good chunk of time to finish it all. Obviously we want to ship it and not spend an additional 4 years in dev.

On c17 we’ll be focusing on doing the last percentage of work, which is mostly just getting everything nice and tight, and of course running great since we still intend to release all of our work to the community.


So yeah tons of stuff. Personally outside of now working on two games, AND c17 I’d like to try and finish up most of my dormant projects. They all need that last 10% push. First off is going to be a pretty major portal 2 mappack that’s been sitting on my drive. Like 8 map maps worth of a pack sitting on my drive.


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