Summer Update

Website changes

So, a few of you have noticed that we aren’t using our new website we put up a few months back. Long story short: It got raped nice and hard. We had so much tube clogging (bandwidth usage) from the Portal 2 contest that made our Web Hosting not very happy, and our wallets. Regardless, we press on! We’ll be back to our wordpress site now. THis means we lose fancy things like our forums and such, but we’ve implemented a few more things here to somewhat substitute for that.


Posts and comments allow ratings now. Feel free to rate our posts and others comments to tell them what you think!

A new Theme!

We did a lot of work to the theme we had on the website, but it can’t be used on the free wordpress here. However, we’ve gone out and found a really nice, clean theme. Hopefully it will be easy on the eyes of you late night readers.

City17: Episode One Progress!

City17 has been chugging along. We’ve just ended the smallest Summer break any of us have had, ever. That means we’ll be back on c17. It also means it’s going to be really, really hot, seeing as the majority of the team live in mega hot locales.

We’re planning on doing a pretty big media update soon, but until you guys are gonna have to hold on tight, like a stalagmite. In the meantime, here’s some small media:

Click me for larger image! Content is still WIP


However, as much as we hate to, we’d like to announce that the original release date of July/August is not going to happen. At this point I should probably do the team a favor and stop projecting release dates! So c17 is TBA on it’s release date. However I can’t help myself, so I’m going to go out on a whim and say that we are all working hard to make sure that the latest would be early next year.

Team Bloom and Gear Studios join forces!

Like Captain Planet, and the Planeteers. We’re still trying to figure out who on the team is Captain Planet now.

Gear Studios and Bloom have teamed up to form one huge katamari ball of awesome. Starting off, there’s no doubt we’ll finish City17 and any other projects we’ve been working on. What we can say is that we’ll be moving a lot of cool fancy shaders we’ve shown in media releases over the past months onto Canvas.

Be sure to check out Canvas if you haven’t already, it’s some pretty badass stuff!


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