Introducing pl_precipice, a new TF2 map!

Our Halloween map has finally gotten a name, and with that we’ve finally found the time to get some real compile versions of the map ready for screenshots and the like. Previously the ideas was to have this map ready by Halloween, but we stated a few reasons why that wouldn’t of worked out for us so much. The short anwser to those who missed it last time was: “cp_manor madness”. Poor 3dnj’s artpass map hardly got any playtime over the week as well! I myself have played so much cp_manor that when I play lab, the other artpass map, I completely forget that it’s the exact same map. It should be the other way around for me.

Pl_precipice is map that, like stated previously, was intended for Halloween. But that doesn’t mean we designed it specifically just for Halloween. It’s one of the first Halloween themed maps that (as we are currently aware of) will and can be normally played. It doesn’t currently include any of the Halloween gameplay event mechanics. However a separate version has been made for when Halloween comes back around, or if you want that exploding pumpkin goodness anyways. To the screenshots!

You’ll have to forgive us for having such dark screenshots. We know the most important rule of map screenshotting (if thats what you can call it) is entirely not taking screens like these. The map originally was intended to be quite “contrasty” with shadows and light, but these shots currently show progress from a day back. A lot of the currently dark areas are much brighter now. This dirty girl is taking a bath in lighting right now. (Jesus, terrible joke).

After this map is finished we would like to eventually get back onto that mythical map named cp_factory, that so far has been in dev for nearly 2 and half years. Maybe 3… I really lose count, and thats bad, real bad. Either way, regardless of factory we currently have another map in the works right after this one, and will hopefully make it for Christmas. Details are a bit secret right now, but it will most likely be a koth map, and perhaps arena if the layout allows. We’ll get around to that later, though from now on you can expect some updates on precipice as the days go forward. This is map is nearing entire completion, and will hopefully be on servers within the week.

Edit: and oh god I just noticed at how bad the site shrinks images to fit. Thanks wordpress. Either way you can click the original images to view the original sizes. This new theme totally fixes it, and looks badass as well.


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