Brief Update

We’ve still been working on city17 steadily, I guess if you can calla  snails pace steadily.

We originally planned to speed through crazy amounts of work this Summer, but we never accounted for the fact that valve would do something so rare, so unbelievably shocking: Update the SDK

Personally I had been trying to find ways (or rather motivation) to sum up our current slew of problems with the recent batches of SDK updates.  However up until today I ran into a small article that nicely sums up the entirety of whats been happening to us.

Half of another reason work has gone horribly slow for us was due to a SDK update somewhere in all that mess of updates. For reasons we can’t understand, a few important DLL’s went up and missing, DLL’s we completely needed to compile shaders. We had been waiting for a promised 2009 SDK update, that would fix mod support on that version of the SDK, and moreso allow us to continue working.

To correct a few issues though, the SDK isn’t entirely broken, though city17 is in a very rare of state of which it borrows content from HL2, EP1, and EP2 (though we’re cutting dependency on EP2 content). For us it’s either missing episodic content, or crazy Hammer bugs and issues that arise.

Regardless of all the issues listed here, work has still continued at an extremely slow pace. We’ve been working on city17 with only base Half Life 2 content. This has limited the amount of work we can actually perform on a map. While however maps still compile entirely fine, this missing content does not.

Maps then inherit entirely bright solids, models without lighting, improper gameplay I/O for NPCs like zombine (which we have a lot of). All of which has stopped us from performing any media updates.

This all leads me to (not making any promises here) but, City17 may or may not be moving to the newly released Alien Swarm Engine. Either way we’re sitting ducks right. It’s either we wait for the 2009 mod support update, which has taken 4 months already. That, or we transition, and entirely gain some of the features and improvements that AS has introduced to Source.

However this still doesn’t counter the fact that Source is plain annoying to work with at it’s current state, and we don’t even feel Portal 2 is going to even do much to change any of that. (Though we’ve been surprised before!).

Today I would like to announce on behalf of our development progress, that City17 is in a state of Limbo. It will likely stay this way until Either the 2009 SDK gains mod support, (which we will then support Mac!) or the transition to the Alien Swarm Engine is complete. Currently we’re leaning on the new Engine transition, and progress with it has been going pretty smoothly.

Until then, moddb is going to be pretty dry with updates, and altogether there won’t be much news on city17 at all; work will continue however.


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