So we said we’d update the site again some months ago. About 3 I believe.

Things got pretty crazy after that. In short: We aren’t going to make our release date.

Details will be posted on moddb at a later time. Overall our work slowed down to a grind in the past 2 months, with me personally dealing with more real life issues than I wanted, and th rest of the other members having some of the same. Either way we’re back now! Recently Valve released an update to the SDK breaking hammer. To note, we aren’t one of those mod teams that blame Valve for our delays. (Although I can’t say some updates give us headaches) We recgonize that the majority of the tools we use are freely provided by Valve, and we still would like to thank them for that time and time again. We’ll be patiently waiting until hammer gets fixed. It’s quite nice though that Hammer is broken. It gives us time to work on other parts of the mod. Story, scripting, animating, etc..

City17 isn’t broken, so progress resumes on whatever we don’t need Hammer for. We have a update in the pipeline as of this writing, but it won’t be out anytime soon. We’ve been gathering a large amount of crazy new things we’ve been working on so we can do another massive update. We’ll also be continuing our development posts on the history of C17ep1. Until then just hang on tight. Like a stalagmite.


3 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. I was kind of hoping the next time we’d hear of you was when you were close to release.
    Well here’s hoping that things get fixed soon.

    And real life issues have a way of interfering with mods.

  2. Shame about not making the deadline.
    What percentage of mod completeness would you say the mod is currently at?

    It’s stalactite; stalagmites don’t need to hang on to anything.

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