Little Update

Left 4 Dead 2 being out isn’t helping :(. Though we thought we’d do a small update on whats going on.

Tutorials! Well not so much that, but design related stuff. We’ll be doing that sometime tonight we just wanted to get some of it in order so it be totally not boring.

City17 updates! Coming this month, after thanksgiving is what we’re aiming for. We plan on really doing a demo for the mod. Out of the 8 maps we have planned 5 are done. 1 more, (being the 6th) is in progress. We have some media map updates, and maybe some weapon stuff. If all goes well though it will just be a major demo release.

And our code release! Yeah thats gonna happen, like mentioned before we will release our version of the source engine. But not maybe in the way you think. We’re saving that for something later though. Something special.

Thats it! Till later tonight.


10 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. looking forward to another solid media update / demo.

    I’m not sure what you’re planning for your “code release” but personally I would much rather have tutorials that show *how* to do things (or failing that, well commented code) than just a bundled up package of the code that you use to build your DLLs.

    I’ll be appreciative either way, but I prefer to learn than to “plug & play”. Also, I’m interested to know what you mean by your “version of the source engine”. I’m interested in some of the things you guys are doing, but I’m not interested in just copying your mod along with every change and feature, so I’m hoping that in your work most of the changes have been independent of each other. I’ve done a lot of coding myself that I can’t throw out, but I was hoping to benefit from some of the enhancements you guys have made your mod “famous” for.

    • Exactly what you have in mind, is how we plan to handle the code. Having it as dll’s in a package would be just too easy, and aside that, would not allow us to update it, in case the mod that implements it is using it’s own custom code. We’ll go over more of the details in a laer update, but we plan to make it so it’s only applicable to people who can actually use Visual Studio.

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