An Introduction to a Devblog

Over time we plan to convert what this blog is into a real website for Gear. Until then we’re still going to roll out media updates, and some other non-City17 related stuff; Portal, TF2, Left 4 Dead etc.

A devblog is something we had wanted to do for some time now, but we just really never had the time to do it (we procrastinate). But now, the Procrastination stops! Oh but don’t worry, the procrastination only affected our websites and not our work. The devblog will entail everything we do behind c17, and even some of our other projects. However not to just concentrate on ourselves, we would also like to freely make all of our work into a tutorial format for others out there modding too use!

We’ve gained a lot of comments over our media updates asking us about our engine improvements, and whether we plan to actually make that available. The short answer is yes. The long answer is: We’ve got a lot to hash out. Our version of the source engine is at a spot where it can’t just go into any other mod. Theres a lot of C17 specific stuff, and a lot of it might just make any other mod crash.

More details will come of that later, including our hope to have versions of Multiplayer code. However if you are a programmer, or a mapper, or an artist, then these tutorials are great for you! We hope to give out our version of the engine in the text form, for you guys to implement! Also we’d like to make any other cool stuff we’ve found by messing around with source available too.

We hope to have a rate of one tutorial a week, or even 2 if both are short.


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