It’s Fall!

It’s like we forgot this place even existed! We haven’t updated in a while, partly because it be repeats of what we’ve been posting for our updates on moddb. Twitter’s also been a bit dry, but that should speed up now that we’ve added another thing to the list to quick link.

Yes you guessed it. Tutorials. After all this is a devblog, and that should mean talking about some kind of development which has been lacking recently (And not the C17 part of the development).

Speaking of which though we’ve got an update for City17 coming out later this month, full of new map stuff, more Engine features, and general improvements. We might even release a Demo! On the tutorials subject we’d like to start posting some of that soon, even as early as tonight. Tut’s entailing whatever we feel hasn’t been covered before, or may be specific to City17. That or theres just not enough of around the internet for.

With that said, the blog should get pretty lively now. We’re even planning on tossing in some design walk-through’s and much, much more.

P.S Sorry guys about not getting to your voice acting comments any sooner! I replied to all of em in the jobs section, so send us an email over at currently don’t have a lot of script ready, but what we would like you guys to send us is your best impressions of what very likely scenarios any rebels could get themselves into. Such as:

  • Striders! Or combine with Striders!
  • Combine forces holding a specific area of the city
  • The city’s current devastated state! Such as commenting on how weak a building is looking, or anything you could come to based on some of our screenshots.

We’d love extras! Want your voice in City17? Send us any kind of line and we’ll put it in! Things like: “COMBINE!” or “OW, MY LEG!” Or heck, even “Holy shit, that was an explosion!”.

The real question is: What would you say if you were a real Rebel! Drop us a line at the above mentioned email address.


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