City17 Not being Broke

Okay so void everything in the last post made, most of the new sdk has fixed our issues, aside us also hacking around with Visual Studio. Be ready for some awesome updates (hopefully) in the future. That depends on how this new thing we are adding in wants to agree with us. So far, we aren’t winning.


3 thoughts on “City17 Not being Broke

  1. I saw you’re recent news posts over at ModDB (why is aren’t they here, though) and wondered what you were planning in terms of voicework.

    The level impression, though clearly not the what we will see in the end product, uses a lot of HL 2 sounds. These kind of put you in the shoes of Gordon Freeman (HEV-voice, don’t forget to reload Dr. Freeman), but you obviously aren’t going to be him.

    Will you guys use a lot of custom voicework or, will you disable ones that imply Gordon Freeman?

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