City17’s slowdown

It’s been slow, very slow. Or really, busier on the tf2 side of things. Me and Happy have been trying to finsih up factory as fast as we can, but that doesn’t mean work isn’t ongoing on City17. We’ve, however, ran into a few roadblocks.

  • VS2008, is totally broken with the newest SDK beta. Hence stopping us from fixing our now broken code (again) because of valve.
  • 2010 works, though we are in the process of getting that all ported over. Yay for having to do double the work.
  • HDR seems to be broken, we honestly have no idea why.
  • Depth Buffer breaks in custom compiled shader dlls, so no sunshafts.

These are pretty much not large issues.

No sun shafts is seriously troubling though. We were hoping to achieve that via shaders, but it is beyond repair. Thanks again Valve.

Hoping anyways that 2010 doesn’t explode in our faces, we should fix most of what became broken in our code, and continue what we were previously doing: Optimizing said Code.

Even if the code is broken, the mod actually isn’t, I’ve reverted myself back to the default HL2EP2 dlls to continue mapping. And mapping I have been doing. A post above this will detail all.


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