Now there’s too much Not Dry here…

Earlier last month we talked about Pl_ravine. A payload map that was on a giant cliffside, great in theory, maybe not so good in gameplay due to the FaN, and Airblast.

Either way we’re going back on the drawing board on that one, something I’ve been trying to revise myself is creating not just another Alpine, or Desert map. In fact we have two Non Desert or Alpine maps in the works, today I’m going to unveil one.


A ctf map, (pending actual gameplay type) that takes place far below the Ocean Surface, more like the bottom of the Ocean Floor. Red and Blue fight in an indoor type area, with vistas of the ocean surrounding the underwater Lab.

Sadly there aren’t any Sharks with lasers, but it’s plausable. No screen as of yet, but look out for this map being tested more than what we had with factory. We plan to eventually release subsequent betas of if all goes well In ‘Us Breaking the Source Engine‘ land.


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