A little dry here….

We just had a factory playtest tonight (as of writing), though it didn’t go so well. It might help to read all of the below whilst listening to the Speed Racer theme song.

Let’s just say things we’re broken beyond what anyone could even fix. After a much heated debate, and some demonstrations via Demoman Stickies, we’ve decided to turn factory into a Gravelpit like map.

Oh noes!

Gabe N:

The guys in charge of TF2 have done a great job, and with these product updates aimed at individual classes, it gives us the chance to only further enrich the experience. Using the Steam platform, we can offer all these updates for free, and continually work to make more and more free updates in the future. However I really, really hate cp_gravelpit.

Is this a good idea? Was it a good idea when we thought of it? Is it still a good idea now that you know that we made the decision in only ten seconds, and ruled it as the best choice? Yes, yes it is. Here’s why:

  • It’s still named Factory, though we are still not sure of what it really makes.
  • Factory will be a backwards gravelpit type map, where instead of capping A and B, then C, you now capture A first, then either B or C in your choice of order. And if that wasn’t the longest continuing sentence you’ve ever seen, here comes another: The dynamic Tunnel stays put, changing the balance of things, what used to be a gravelpit map now turns into probably one of the greatest attack and Defend map ever made know to man, and the future of human kind itself.
  • It will also have a completely different way of delivering Red to both the final control points, so it avoids all that LETS DEFEND B GUISE, A IS WASTE OF TIMEZ.
  • Plus, it won’t be such a large map anymore that the Source engine can barely handle.

Hopefully we can get some screens of all the new stuff, much of the lighting and some of the detail has changed from the previous version. It now actually has moving clouds too!


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