pl_ravine & Portal updates?

Yup it’s another TF2 map. What happened to Factory you ask?

Well we’ve been working on that too. The main issue with Factory is it’s gameplay and sheer size. It’s been difficult really nailing it down just right, and after some consideration, we may just make the middle Capture point in that map an Arena stage.

Though the map isn’t dead, we’ll still be pciking at it now and then when we aren’t busy with City17. Instead pl_ravine will be it’s incarnation. 

We’ve been working on this map now (secrectly) for over 3 weeks. We’ll get to more of that eventually though.

Lastly, our Portal maps is something we said we would actually finish updating with some needed fixes. That should actually be done sometime this week, or next week. Expect some minor fixes for it, and some other minor improvements, though no new gameplay sadly.


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