Oh Lawd

So my Pc, again decided to fail on me. Leaving me with mostly nothing to do, and this time it was pretty cereal.


Altogether my awesome 939 AMD decided to give out (Yes a 939 pin, I know), causing a mass amount of freaking out in the previous week. The great thing is I didn’t loose any of the mod’s data, or for that matter all 30GB of my life’s work. Much of the mod’s actual maps and content are on my little USB drive, whilst the other semi-important test maps and other awesome maps containing most of City17’s experiments are on my SATA HDD’s. Once again due to my continued luck of all things technological, I don’t have a SATA capable Motherboard in my garage, nor even a Mobo with anything above a AGP slot.

Now that’s my excuse for why I haven’t updated our projects like I stated I would in the post below. In fact I came on the Internet tonight at 4am (sadly) to see whats going of late. To my surprise Pelpix made a video of an incomplete techdemo. I was hoping I could finish it up more, and make it even more awesome. Instead I can concentrate on that a little more when we’re not working on the main maps, which I intended to be pat of the original update.


So here’s for coping with my lovely PC.

(Now you don’t have to navigate away from this page to see it in HD. Oh ho ho.)

Thanks Pel. Really though he’s helped us a lot through most of some shadowing difficulties, and whatever else we managed to break . Hopefully next time around we’ll be able to get a real update out. Oh and forgive the weird playing movement within the video, and other odds. It wasn’t meant for the eyes of the public just yet, but you all deserve it. 


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