The Update

 So we’re finally getting an update out. Luckily we’ve been able to complete a lot within the few days of December. Although December is half through its end, we’re not really sure we’re going to be done.

(Like I said before, we’re terrible with Dates, so to be on the safe side I’d say it’s going to be out before 2018)

Jokes aside, we’re moving at a Decent rate here, hopefully if we keep it up, we’ll see some even more Major process later this month near Xmas.

To start off, City17:

 We’ve finally been able to set up a decent SVN for the entire team this month, and thanks to that we;ve been able to actually work on more things at once without the hassle. We were without one for a good three months or so due to one of our Old pc’s kicking the Bucket. Aside that, we’ve been working more closely with the shadowing system, analyzing the one in L4D, and tweaking ours continually. 

On that front we’ve taken some notes from Valve’s slightly tweaked system into ours. Hopefully the L4D Shadowing system will be out later this Year, but of course we’re not counting on it, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

In the few days that have already past, we’ve added:

  • Muzzleflashes, Much like in L4D’s
  • The old ATI shadows from the flashlight, which actually had depth.
  • New Video settings for all of this stuff that’s likely to break a computer
  • Added optimization and resolutions for the shadows
  • Parenting the Flashlight to the Weapon now, so it bobs and shakes via reloading and such
  • A quick Comparison:



    We used our buddy to demonstrate. The top represents the current shadows in use of L4D and EP2. While the bottom are the newer shadows.

    This was a little extra code to chuck in, and by doing so, we now have shadows that cast correctly based on the flashlights position. Another nice thing is all this code that effects the flashlight also effects the Projector Lights from our last update.

    A better comparison



    It would be a little easier to show via a video, but alas we we’re too lazy to make one.

    Also we’ve been playing around with SSbumpmaps, and its tedious design process. Why replace these with the standard bumpmaps?

  • The improvement in quality is amazing
  • It cost less to Render
  • Because Valve hasn’t bothered to do it yet







    Yet again a video would be nice, so we’re now considering actually making one. Lastly we worked on some of the Menu things such as adding a logo to replace the current standard one, and redoing some of the HUD.



    A logo for the main menu.

    A logo for the main menu.

    You can view the Rest of our New Media in the art Section of the site.

    Lastly for the Lolz:

    Lol wut?


    3 thoughts on “The Update

    1. Those shadows look a lot better and the bumpmaps, seems to give everything more depth.

      Can’t wait to play it, but with these kind of updates I can’t be too bothered with the delay.

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