Happy Halloween & Shadowing?

To those of you that celebrate it, and those who don’t. Happy halloween, we hope you get alot of candy. A lot.


Aside that here comes a nifty little City17 Update!

This is a more tricky thing to deal with, simply because the way Source works. Like everything we state, people take it way out of hand and thought we invented this. No. We didn’t :D. 


Saying that, we’ve done a bit more then change the amount of Projectors we can have in a single map. To better explain, here it is in an Update format:

  • Made the Projector omnidirectional. Now it acts like a traditional Light.
  • Edited the way its projected onto a face surface. It now renders onto the surface, rather then an invisible face.
  • Edited the Texture resolution of the shadow (This effects all shadows in game) to reach sizes of 8162×8162. This makes shadows more finely detailed around the edges.
  • Removed the Filter limitations for the projector. Now the shadows it cast (effects all shadows in a map) can be sharper or blurier. This also restores the missing ATI shadows EP2 used to have.
  • Added a shadow color option, that way shadows aren’t always black based on the ambiance of the map.

Currently we’re using this type of lighting in sparce locations, well at least for conditional aspects. We’ve been testing this alot, and frankly it’s the most buggiest system to work with. (Thank you Jason Ryumen from Valve, thanks tons.)


Hopefully the lighting won’t pass through solid walls like it does right now, as we’re still trying to figure out why it even does that.

Recent screens:


Shadows being created by a Projector

Shadows being created by a Projector

A shadow casted by a projector, but at a higher resolution than normal.


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