With the Introduction of new technologies such as HDR {EP1}, Cinematic Physics, and a Particle effect system, we had decided to add some of our own thoughts and experiments. The first we wanted to include were Endorphin, and Euphoria, both of which sound like drugs you can pick up at your local Pharmacy.



Alot of people seem to confuse Euphoria with Endorphin, simply because they sort of sound alike. When we talked about Euphoria being in city17, we didn’t mean it as a new underlaying base animation system, but instead simply as using the Engine for simple things. Euphoria being the Engine, while the Editor to make animations is called Endorphin.

With Endorphin, we can make basic animations (Which we’ve done already, amazingly) for basic or complex animations. Whats nice is that you can export your current animation to a XSI format, and we all know thats Valve’s favorite Modelling Program. (Allthough it’s interface is absurdly ugly!)


With that we’ve been using it to make more realistic animations, while not realtime they will still look very nice in-game, and even feel realtime. 

Straight out things like:

  • Climbing Ladders
  • Kicking a Guy in the face
  • Kicking a Guy who lands on someones face

And a guy climbing a ladder that gets kicked off. In the face.

Seriously though, Endorphin can make some of the even the most complex animations be simple to rig up. Theres no need for keyframing and such. It really just is an enviromental simulation turned into an animation. While we won’t be able to have ragdolls powered by the animation system, we can still have alot of situations that can still feel that way, while having control of it.


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