We’re Back!

It’s been a while since we’ve really got anything on here in a long while. Quite alot has been going on between the team and such, but mainly we wanted to get back on track with things after being out of it for a while, and get a decent update on City17 and why its taking so dang long to be released.



First off: City17 will be released this Year. Seriously :D. Recently we’ve been working on the TF2 map Factory, along with Jamie, and Mitchel’s project.That being the Hunted project, and an Arena map. However I’d like to detail that in another news post, hopefully later this week. (Because the map ‘Factory’ is done, it really is finally 100% complete.) We plan to release this map later within the next two weeks, hopefully this time we aren’t stopped by any show stopping bugs like last time. Yet this is more about City17, and not so much TF2.


I remember when we wanted to release City17 back two years ago. That would of been the December of that Year. Honestly though the mod was short, and probably something no one wanted to play or waste their time on. It wasn’t untill the Release of Half Life 2:Episode 1 that we completely rebuilt the mod from the ground up. Everything, including maps, story, and even the 5 lone months of work I originally spent on it before the release of EP1. 


Over the course of it’s time, the mod has been on three engines now. While all source, they’ve come to change from Episode too Episode, where as City17 started on the Original HL2 base Source. With the Release of Half Life 2: Episode 2, we basically redid the process. Not so much as redesigning the whole game, but we fine-tuned it even more.


It seems that City17 expands in where we want to take it as a project. Intially, in a certain perspective, we’re building the base standards that we plan to make EP2 of city17 with. By that we mean: We’re doing all the complicated things first to make the development process of City17: Episode 2 alot faster. Considering this is the real first big project we’ve even taken up, the experience we learn from this will make EP2 all that much easier in some ways to get on it’s way.


Rather then make this post extremely long, we’ll throw out a couple more updates this week. Each of which detailing how each front of City17 is doing, and the TF2 side of things.


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