Color Correction

Something a few people might have noticed if they own both the HL2:Episode 1 ‘PC and 360′ version, is that theres quite a change from them. Not dramatic of course. But subtle thing’s here and there, much like better compiling tools.

However Something Ep1 got for the Orange Box Edition was Color Correction! While it did exist in Ep1, it was simply used for the “ending effect”, to saturate the screen in a blue drift. However for C17, we decided to bring in some Color Correction for most of what you see when traveling the City.

Sadly Valve didn’t release the OB version of those CC files. So we tried to get it as close as possible. 

Yet the goal of the CC in Ep1, was to really make the environment feel much more Orange, and have more highlights on the midtones.



Without CC

Without CC

With CC

 A Better example:


Without CC

Without CC


With CC

With CC

Mind the HDR oscillations.

When Comparing the Two you can see that the world looses it’s White saturate (which looked horrible), and replaces that for an Orange Glow. Making the Sun feel more like its really filtering through an orange set of clouds, smoke, and Fire.

Most importantly some shadows even become more darker and deeper. Giving the enviroment once again a much more realistic feel, due to the sun being filtered.


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