Minor City17 Update

Well after working on City17 by myself for a week, I think I may finally have something worth to show off to you guys. Sorry for not posting anything about City17 in quite some time now, but programming is just so awesome, it makes our mod not want to work. At all.

Anyways after that being fixed, there’s still quite alot more to do, and most of the graphical features we talked about in Improvements is in-game already, except for one.

That one is Euphoria, sadly after we tried out some code for it, and GOT IT TO WORK, the guys over at Natural motion tell us, after waiting for a week on reply that no public access is available at the time :(. So in short we can’t use any of it, not even for more sexy, realistic, animations either.

Anyways the wonderful thing is most of the lighting thing’s we wanted to do is now in-game, and not only that, but we have a little something new. What is that you say? Well it’s Dynamic Lighting! Yup, but we’ll get more into that when it’s done, it works right now, but it’s missing a few thing’s.

Also to keep the community more in touch with thing’s we decided to make a TODO list for our mod, and maybe any of our other work. So you can view that here.

Anyways this is just a very small update, prepare for big one maybe today or tomorrow, either way it’s coming, we promise 😀.


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