Hunted Mini Updates

The Hunted map, and gamemode itself is going over pretty well, and quite a few people have made some very serious suggestion’s, all of which are currently being implemented mind you!

But really, to kinda lead up for a giant release, we might actually release not one, not two, but THREE Hunted map’s at the exact same time to all enjoy on the Hunted server, in all of their 100% complete glory.

So what’s this post about? Well daily updates of course! Well semi-daily Update’s when we get alot of thing’s done to show, but you can expect load’s of screenshot comparison’s, and perhap’s video’s and even platest dates and such. We decided to do this to kinda get more information out on the Hunted map remake, along with some of the new stuff coming along the road. So be prepared for alot of more Hunted related stuff in the next week’s. Maybe even some of it today!


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