Mega Factory and Hunted Update!

Well after a bit, or well a week of time (sorry guys) we finnally got around to posting some worth while stuff. A load of screenshots from the latest build and Test of Factory, and even some news on the Hunted map, and gameplay mode.

First Screenshots, as we took so many why not just post most of them right?

Now for some Hunted Related stuff. Recently we’ve been doing some test now, as 1.2 of the Hunted Plug-in is nearing it’s completion. But the Real big news is the Hunted map we’re making for it called Vip_Hunted. And what’s really big about it, is that some of the guys down at F7’s plan to take the Hunted Gameplay mode and even the Hunted map Over at this Year’s QuakeCon! Which is Huge mega great news. And because it starts kinda soon, I have until the 30th to finsih it! Not alot of time but hey, that means we can get this gameplay mode some huge publicity.

Really though with the map done side by side with the gameplay mode, we’ll have a full working Hunted, and maybe even more in the Future.


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