Shipment Arriving Late

There is always that saying, the on you might not of heard yet, but quite alot of Video Game developers have, it goes:

“A Game is only late Until it Ships. But a bad game, is a game that’s bad Forever.”

By reading this, you can only guess what we mean, and if you’re not sure right away yet, then here is the news.

City17 is going to be delayed sadly, but only to of course make it alot better, while we have alot done, there’s still alot more to do, and we’d like to make this release an Epic one at that. Alot of little problems led to the delay this month including my fight against nasty virus, which in I was the Winner! But that guy was a little cheater, and he dropped a bomb in my registry section of Windows xp.

I then had to reinstall windows, and a load of my files which took me about a good week, then as soon as I install Steam, and start to download all my games, my ISP decides it’s a great idea to shutdown the internet for Maintenance. For a freekin whole Week.

Yeah… So with that, were back to work, but thanks to that, things really slowed down, including the fact that we’ve all been busy. So in short, the mod might come out still at the end of this month, but don’t count on that, were not too sure yet. If not this month then it’s either July, or August. And we promise No later. (we hope 😀 )

Sorry guys, and we’ll update you later with whats needed to do, and whats left in a simple to-do-list.


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