New Guy

City17 Is coming along pretty good so far, and with that we have a new guy on the Team, Haza, from The SF Development Team. Hes a coder at the moment, and a good one too, and is helping along with much of the things that need t be changed and such in the game, Mainly HUD, etc. Alsl were re-working alot of the VGUI of Half Life 2, and improving it upon that of ep2, so its a more streamlined, compact HUD. Also we’ve been doing some really large playtests, and some even larger work to fixing alot of things within the mod. So after months waiting for the new sdk, I can gladly say that were back to work on the Mod.

We’ll also get some screens up of what we’re doing right now, and even some more news On the Portal side of things.

Oh, and we also got a alot of clicks on the april fools joke, so far 98 people have clicked it, you all got Rick Roll’ed.


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