New Site, Oh Snaps!

Well with the many things out there now, this is pretty much the main home for Gear, or really the best place to deliver Gear news straight to the fans, besides steam, but that however is very limited. 😦

So to start, you can take a look at this Link, for some detailed info in a Q&A segment! Now with Colors!

But this is finnaly it really, after going through so much different websites, and hosts and such, we can finally say that we’ve found one that’s great for everything. For right now, we’re going to keep it Simple to Gear, but later, after really getting the site in shape more, we’re going to bring in all kind of news, whether it be Steam, Gear, Tech, or just crazy news, It’ll be here! So consider us a hub for the cool stuff under what’s going on for Steam, of course while there’s The SteamPodcast, we’re not try’ing to take it’s Thunder! So we’ll just do what we do mainly on the Steam Community Group, and that is share the love… with Words!

So, here is to the new website, which we’re also still working on… but anyways, thanks for being with us, and we hope to finally release some stuff, in the very Near Future! πŸ™‚


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